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Mick Jagger - She's the Boss ( 1985 )

Track listing

1."Lonely at the Top"Mick Jagger, Keith Richards3:47
2."1/2 a Loaf"Jagger4:59
3."Running Out of Luck"Jagger4:15
4."Turn the Girl Loose"Jagger3:53
5."Hard Woman"Jagger4:24
6."Just Another Night"Jagger5:15
7."Lucky in Love"Jagger, Carlos Alomar6:13
9."She's the Boss"Jagger, Alomar5:15
Total length:43:09

  • Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals, harmonica
  • Wally Badarou – synthesizer on "Lucky in Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Jeff Beck – guitar
  • Paul Buckmaster – strings arrangement and conductor on "Hard Woman"
  • John "Rabbit" Bundrick – synthesizer on "Just Another Night"
  • Ray Cooper – percussion on "Lucky in Love", congas on "She's the Boss"
  • Aïyb Dieng – shaker on "Just Another Night", water drums on "Lucky in Love"
  • Sly Dunbar – drums on "Running Out of Luck", "Just Another Night", "Lucky in Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Bernard Edwards – bass guitar on "1/2 a Loaf", "Turn the Girl Loose" and "Secrets"
  • Steve Ferrone – drums on "1/2 a Loaf"
  • Anton Fier – Simmons drums on "Just Another Night", percussion on "She's the Boss"
  • Anton Fig – drums on "Turn the Girl Loose" and "Secrets"
  • Guy Fletcher – synthesizer on "Lonely at the Top", "Lucky in Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Bernard Fowler – backing vocals on "Lonely at the Top", "Lucky in Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Jan Hammer – piano on "Hard Woman"
  • Herbie Hancock – organ on "Lonely at the Top", synthesizer on "Running Out of Luck", "Turn the Girl Loose" and "Lucky in Love"
  • Colin Hodgkinson – bass guitar on "Hard Woman"
  • Bill Laswell – bass guitar, synthesizer on "Just Another Night"
  • Chuck Leavell – organ on "Lucky on Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Ron Magness – synthesizer on "Just Another Night"
  • Eddie Martinez – lead guitar on "1/2 a Loaf", guitar on "Lonely at the Top", "Running Out of Luck" and "She's the Boss"
  • Alfa Anderson – ladies rap on "Turn the Girl Loose"
  • Lenny Pickett – baritone saxophone on "Turn the Girl Loose"
  • Daniel Ponce – bata drum on "Running Out of Luck"
  • Nile Rodgers – guitar on "1/2 a Loaf" and "Secrets"
  • Robert Sabino – keyboards, piano, synthesizer on "1/2 a Loaf" and "Secrets"
  • Robbie Shakespeare – bass guitar on "Running Out of Luck", "Just Another Night", Lucky in Love" and "She's the Boss"
  • Michael Shrieve – drums on "Lonely at the Top"
  • G. E. Smith – lead guitar on "Secrets"
  • Tony Thompson – drums on "Hard Woman"
  • Fonzi Thornton – backing vocals on "1/2 a Loaf"
  • Pete Townshend – guitar on "Lonely at the Top", acoustic guitar on "Hard Woman"

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