vineri, 17 ianuarie 2020

Trapeze - Medusa ( 1970 )

Track listing

1."Black Cloud"Mel Galley, Tom Galley6:13
2."Jury"M. Galley, T. Galley8:10
3."Your Love Is Alright"M. Galley, Glenn Hughes, Dave Holland4:54
4."Touch My Life"M. Galley, T. Galley4:06
6."Makes You Wanna Cry"M. Galley, T. Galley4:41


joi, 16 ianuarie 2020

The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe ( 1963 )

Track listing

All tracks are written by Brian Wilson/Roger Christian except where noted.
Side one
No.TitleLead VocalsLength
1."Little Deuce Coupe"Mike Love1:38
2."Ballad of Ole' Betsy"Brian Wilson2:15
3."Be True to Your School" (B. Wilson/Love)Love2:06
4."Car Crazy Cutie"B. Wilson2:47
5."Cherry, Cherry Coupe"Love1:47
6."409" (B. Wilson/Gary Usher/Love)Love1:58
Side two
No.TitleLead VocalsLength
1."Shut Down"Love1:48
2."Spirit of America"B. Wilson2:23
3."Our Car Club" (B. Wilson/Love)Love with B. Wilson2:21
4."No-Go Showboat"B. Wilson with Love1:54
5."A Young Man Is Gone" (Troup)group2:15
6."Custom Machine" (B. Wilson/Love)Love1:38


The Beach Boys
  • Al Jardine – harmony and backing vocals; bass guitar
  • Mike Love – lead, harmony and backing vocals; saxophone
  • David Marks – harmony and backing vocals; rhythm guitar
  • Brian Wilson – lead, harmony and backing vocals; piano, bass guitar
  • Carl Wilson – harmony and backing vocals; lead guitar
  • Dennis Wilson – harmony and backing vocals; drums
Additional musicians
  • Hal Blaine – drums on "Our Car Club"
  • Steve Douglas, Jay Migliori – possible horns

miercuri, 15 ianuarie 2020

Steve Miller Band - Your Saving Grace ( 1969 )

Track listing

Side one
1."Little Girl"Steve Miller3:25
2."Just a Passin' Fancy In a Midnite Dream"Miller, Ben Sidran3:41
3."Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around"Miller2:30
4."Baby's House"Miller, Nicky Hopkins8:54
Side two
5."Motherless Children"traditional; arranged by Miller6:03
6."The Last Wombat in Mecca"Lonnie Turner2:56
7."Feel So Glad"Miller5:20
8."Your Saving Grace"Tim Davis4:47
Total length:37:31


  • Steve Miller – guitar, lead vocals (1–5, 7), harmonica
  • Lonnie Turner – bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar
  • Ben Sidran – organ, electric piano
  • Nicky Hopkins – grand piano (4, 7)
  • Tim Davis – drums, backing and lead (6, 8) vocals
Additional personnel
  • Glyn Johns – backing vocals (8)

luni, 13 ianuarie 2020

The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers ( 1968 )

Track listing

Side one

1."Artificial Energy"Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke2:18
2."Goin' Back"Carole King, Gerry Goffin3:26
3."Natural Harmony"Chris Hillman2:11
4."Draft Morning"David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn2:42
5."Wasn't Born to Follow"Carole King, Gerry Goffin2:04
6."Get to You"Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn (credited on the album to Hillman and McGuinn)2:39

Side two

1."Change Is Now"Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn3:21
2."Old John Robertson"Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn1:49
3."Tribal Gathering"David Crosby, Chris Hillman2:03
4."Dolphin's Smile"David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn2:00
5."Space Odyssey"Roger McGuinn, Robert J. Hippard3:52


Adapted from So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star: The Byrds Day-By-Day (1965–1973)The Notorious Byrd Brothers (33⅓ series), and the compact disc liner notes.
  • Roger McGuinn – vocals, lead guitar, Moog synthesizer
  • David Crosby – vocals, rhythm guitar on "Change is Now", "Tribal Gathering", "Dolphin's Smile", "Triad", and "Goin' Back" (alternate); rhythm guitar on "Draft Morning", "Bound to Fall" and "Universal Mind Decoder"; vocals, electric bass on "Old John Robertson"
  • Chris Hillman – vocals; electric bass all tracks except "Old John Robertson"; guitar on "Old John Robertson"; mandolin on "Draft Morning"
  • Michael Clarke – drums on "Artificial Energy", "Draft Morning", "Old John Robertson", "Tribal Gathering", "Dolphin's Smile", and "Universal Mind Decoder"
  • Gene Clark – possible backing vocal on "Goin' Back" (master) and "Space Odyssey"
Additional personnel
  • James Burton, Clarence White – guitars
  • Red Rhodes – pedal steel guitar
  • Paul Beaver – piano, Moog synthesizer
  • Terry Trotter – piano
  • Gary Usher – Moog synthesizer, percussion, backing vocals
  • Barry Goldberg – organ
  • Dennis McCarthy – celeste
  • Jim Gordon – drums on "Goin' Back", "Natural Harmony", "Wasn't Born to Follow", "Bound to Fall", and "Triad"
  • Hal Blaine – drums on "Get to You" and "Change Is Now"
  • Curt Boettcher – backing vocals
  • William Armstrong, Victor Sazer, Carl West – violins
  • Paul Bergstrom, Lester Harris, Raymond Kelley, Jacqueline Lustgarten – cellos
  • Alfred McKibbon – double bass (bowed)
  • Ann Stockton – harp
  • Richard Hyde – trombone
  • Roy Caton, Virgil Fums, Gary Weber — brass
  • Jay Migliori – saxophone
  • Dennis Faust – percussion
  • Firesign Theatre – sound effects on "Draft Morning"
  • unknown musicians – trumpet on "Draft Morning"; string quartet and additional fiddle on "Old John Robertson"