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Queen - Queen ( 1973 )

Track listing

The band included on the album sleeve the comment "And nobody played synthesiser", a purist principle of May's, as some listeners had mistaken their elaborate multi-tracking and effects processed by guitar and vocal sounds as synthesisers. Bass guitarist John Deacon was credited as "Deacon John", but after its release, he asked to be referred to by his real name.
Side one
1."Keep Yourself Alive"Brian May3:46
2."Doing All Right"May, Tim Staffell4:10
3."Great King Rat"Freddie Mercury5:41
4."My Fairy King"Mercury4:07
Side two
6."The Night Comes Down"May4:24
7."Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"Roger Taylor1:48
8."Son and Daughter"May3:19
10."Seven Seas of Rhye" (Instrumental; listed as "Seven Seas of Rhye...")Mercury1:10

  • Freddie Mercury - lead and backing vocals, piano, Hammond organ on "Liar"
  • Brian May - electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, vocal bridge on "Keep Yourself Alive", piano on "Doing All Right"
  • Roger Taylor - drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll", vocal bridge on "Keep Yourself Alive"
  • John Deacon (credited as "Deacon John") - bass guitar

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