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The Police - Reggatta de Blanc ( 1979 )

Track listing

All tracks written by Sting, except where noted.
Side one
1."Message in a Bottle" 4:51
2."Reggatta de Blanc"Andy Summers, Sting, Stewart Copeland3:06
3."It's Alright for You"Sting, Copeland3:13
4."Bring on the Night" 4:15
5."Deathwish"Summers, Sting, Copeland4:13
Side two
6."Walking on the Moon" 5:02
7."On Any Other Day"Copeland2:57
8."The Bed's Too Big Without You" 4:26
10."Does Everyone Stare"Copeland3:52
11."No Time This Time" 3:17


  • Sting – bass guitar, lead (all but 5 and 7) and backing vocals, double bass
  • Andy Summers – guitar, backing vocals, piano (10), synthesizer (6)
  • Stewart Copeland – drums, backing and lead (7) vocals, guitar (3, verses and chorus), spoken word (10)

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