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Iron Butterfly - Heavy ( 1968 )

Track listing

Unlike most albums of the time (including Iron Butterfly's other releases), the songwriting credits on the sleeve of Heavy differentiate between who wrote the music and who wrote the lyrics.
Side one
No.TitleLyricsMusicLead VocalsLength
1."Possession"Doug IngleDoug IngleIngle2:45
2."Unconscious Power"Ron BushyIngle, Danny WeisIngle2:32
3."Get Out of My Life, Woman"Allen ToussaintAllen ToussaintIngle3:58
4."Gentle as It May Seem"Darryl DeLoachWeisDeLoach2:25
5."You Can't Win"DeLoachWeisIngle2:41
Side two
No.TitleLyricsMusicLead VocalsLength
2."Look for the Sun"DeLoachIngle, WeisPenrod, DeLoach, Ingle2:14
3."Fields of Sun"DeLoachIngleIngle3:12
4."Stamped Ideas"DeLoachIngleDeLoach2:08
5."Iron Butterfly Theme"-IngleInstrumental4:34


Iron Butterfly

  • Doug Ingle – organ, lead and backing vocals
  • Darryl DeLoach – tambourine, backing and lead vocals
  • Danny Weis – guitar
  • Jerry Penrod – bass, backing and lead vocals
  • Ron Bushy – drums

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