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Scorpions - Fly to the Rainbow ( 1974 )

Track listing

Side one
1."Speedy’s Coming"Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine3:36
2."They Need a Million"R. Schenker, Meine4:50
3."Drifting Sun"Ulrich Roth7:42
4."Fly People Fly"Michael Schenker, Meine5:03
Side two
5."This Is My Song"R. Schenker, Meine4:18
6."Far Away"M. Schenker, R. Schenker, Meine5:38
7."Fly to the Rainbow"M. Schenker, Roth9:40


  • Klaus Meine – lead vocals
  • Ulrich Roth – lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Drifting Sun" and co lead-vocals in "Fly to the Rainbow"
  • Rudolf Schenker – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "They Need a Million" and "Drifting Sun"
  • Francis Buchholz – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jürgen Rosenthal – drums, percussion
Additional musicians
  • Achim Kirschning – organ, Mellotron, synthesizers

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