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The Move - Move ( 1968 )

Track listing

All songs written by Roy Wood, except where noted.
Side one
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
1."Yellow Rainbow" Ace Kefford2:35
2."Kilroy Was Here" Roy Wood2:43
3."(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree" Roy Wood2:59
4."Weekend"Bill Post, Doree PostTrevor Burton1:46
5."Walk Upon the Water" Carl Wayne3:22
6."Flowers in the Rain" Carl Wayne, Roy Wood2:29
7."Hey Grandma"Jerry Miller, Don StevensonCarl Wayne3:11
Side two
No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
8."Useless Information" Carl Wayne2:56
9."Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"James F. HanleyBev Bevan, Ace Kefford2:49
10."The Girl Outside" Trevor Burton2:53
11."Fire Brigade" Carl Wayne, Roy Wood2:22
12."Mist on a Monday Morning" Roy Wood2:30
13."Cherry Blossom Clinic" Carl Wayne, Roy Wood2:30


The Move
  • Carl Wayne – vocals
  • Roy Wood – guitars, vocals
  • Trevor Burton – guitars, vocals
  • Ace Kefford – bass, vocals
  • Bev Bevan – drums, percussion, vocals
Additional Personnel
  • Nicky Hopkins – piano (7), harpsichord (12)
  • Tony Visconti – string, brass and woodwind arrangements

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