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Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together ( 1976 )

Track listing

1."Let's Stick Together" (Wilbert Harrison cover of the 1962 single)Wilbert Harrison3:00
2."Casanova" (remake; originally on the album Country Life (1974) by Roxy Music)Bryan Ferry2:45
3."Sea Breezes" (remake; originally on the album Roxy Music (1972) by Roxy Music)Ferry6:10
4."Shame, Shame, Shame" (cover)Jimmy Reed3:15
5."2HB" (remake; originally on the album Roxy Music (1972) by Roxy Music)Ferry3:50
6."The Price of Love" (The Everly Brothers cover from the album In Our Image(1966))Don & Phil Everly3:25
7."Chance Meeting" (remake; originally on the album Roxy Music (1972) by Roxy Music)Ferry3:35
8."It's Only Love" (The Beatles cover from the album Help! (1965))John Lennon, Paul McCartney3:45
9."You Go to My Head" (cover)J. Fred Coots (music), Haven Gillespie (lyrics)2:50
10."Re-Make/Re-Model" (remake; originally on the album Roxy Music (1972) by Roxy Music)Ferry2:40
11."Heart on My Sleeve" (Gallagher and Lyle cover from the album Breakaway(1976))Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle3:30


  • Bryan Ferry - vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • Chris Spedding - guitar
  • Paul Thompson - drums
  • John Wetton - bass
  • Chris Mercer - tenor saxophone
  • Mel Collins - soprano saxophone
  • Martin Drover - trumpet
  • Eddie Jobson - violin, synthesizer
  • Morris Pert - percussion
  • John Gustafson - bass on "Re-Make/Re-Model"
  • Rick Wills - bass on "Sea Breezes"
  • John Porter - bass on "2HB"
  • Phil Manzanera - guitar on "Re-Make/Re-Model"
  • David O'List - guitar on "Chance Meeting"
  • Neil Hubbard - guitar on "Casanova"
  • Ann O'Dell - string arrangement on "Shame, Shame, Shame"
  • Jackie Sullivan, Helen Chappelle, Paddie McHugh, Doreen Chanter, Vicki Brown, Martha Walker - chorus

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