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Kansas - Leftoverture ( 1976 )

Track listing

All tracks written by Kerry Livgren except where noted.
Side one
1."Carry On Wayward Son" 5:23
2."The Wall"Livgren, Steve Walsh4:51
3."What's on My Mind" 3:28
4."Miracles Out of Nowhere" 6:28
Side two
5."Opus Insert" 4:30
6."Questions of My Childhood"Walsh, Livgren3:40
7."Cheyenne Anthem" 6:55
8."Magnum Opus"
  • a. "Father Padilla Meets the Perfect Gnat"
  • b. "Howling at the Moon"
  • c. "Man Overboard"
  • d. "Industry on Parade"
  • e. "Release the Beavers"
  • f. "Gnat Attack"
Livgren, Walsh, Rich Williams, Dave Hope, Phil Ehart, Robby Steinhardt8:25


  • Steve Walsh - organ, piano, additional synthesizers, vibraphone, lead and backing vocals (all tracks)
  • Kerry Livgren - electric guitar, piano, clavinet, Moog, Oberheim and ARP synthesizers
  • Robby Steinhardt - violin, viola, lead vocals on "Miracles Out of Nowhere" and "Cheyenne Anthem", backing vocals
  • Rich Williams - electric and acoustic guitars
  • Dave Hope - bass guitar
  • Phil Ehart - drums, percussion
Additional personnel
  • Toye LaRocca, Cheryl Norman- children's voices on "Cheyenne Anthem"

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