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The Beatles - Please Please Me ( 1963 )

Track listing

All tracks written by McCartney–Lennon, except where noted.
Side one
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."I Saw Her Standing There"Paul McCartney2:55
2."Misery"John Lennon and Paul McCartney1:49
3."Anna (Go to Him)" (Arthur Alexander)John Lennon2:55
4."Chains" (Gerry Goffin, Carole King)George Harrison2:23
5."Boys" (Luther Dixon, Wes Farrell)Ringo Starr2:24
6."Ask Me Why"John Lennon2:24
7."Please Please Me"John Lennon and Paul McCartney2:00
Side two
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
8."Love Me Do"John Lennon and Paul McCartney2:23
9."P.S. I Love You"Paul McCartney2:04
10."Baby It's You" (Mack David, Barney Williams, Burt Bacharach)John Lennon2:40
11."Do You Want to Know a Secret"George Harrison1:56
12."A Taste of Honey" (Bobby Scott, Ric Marlow)Paul McCartney2:03
13."There's a Place"John Lennon and Paul McCartney1:51
14."Twist and Shout" (Phil Medley, Bert Russell)John Lennon2:32


According to Mark Lewisohn:
The Beatles
  • George Harrison – background vocals, lead vocals on "Chains" and "Do You Want to Know a Secret", lead guitar, acoustic guitar, hand claps
  • John Lennon – lead vocals, background vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, hand claps
  • Paul McCartney – lead vocals, background vocals, bass guitar, hand claps
  • Ringo Starr – drums, tambourine, maracas, hand claps, lead vocals on "Boys"
Additional musicians and production
  • George Martin – producer, mixer, additional arrangements, piano on "Misery", celesta on "Baby It's You"
  • Norman Smith – audio engineer, mixer
  • Andy White – drums on "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You"

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